Portrait of the Filipino Family


We have so much to learn about a Filipino Family. They taught us values in life that through these values and cultures we became better. Filipinos have so many great cultures and traditions that need to be passed from one generation to another. We should go out there and let the whole world know how capable Filipinos are. We should be proud that we have a blood of a Filipino. And as a Filipino, I want the world to know that we can do a lot of things that others can't.

I hope through this blog, you'll learn how to love and appreciate being a Filipino. It is not something to be ashamed of. Be Proud.


| Loyalty within the family
| Filipinos are family oriented
| The super ordination of the family over individual interest
| Concept of Family Solidarity
| Maintains expressive and emotional relationship
| The impact of modernization on the family
| Ability to survive
| Extreme Family-Centered
| Lack of Discipline
| Kanya - kanya syndrome
| Colonial Mentality

Our sense of joy and humor serves us well in difficult times. It makes life more pleasant.

The Filipino child grows up in an atmosphere of affection and over protection, where one learns security and trust but also being dependent to others.

In the family, children are taught to value the family and to learn its importance.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Novelty Songs

Most Filipinos love listening to novelty songs and the reason is this song helps them in forgetting their problems even though it's just in a short period of time. These songs are loved by everyone because it is a comical type of song performed principally for its comical effect. Maybe this is one of the unforgettable songs because you can hear these from place to place. It's like everywhere. It makes us happy, although in some they find it corny and cheap. Yet we can not judge them, because it’s they’re belief in treating those songs but the important is "basta ang mahalaga, masaya tayo lahat" or sort of. These songs are for everyone and if you don't like them, let's just respect them.

These songs give joy to Filipinos. Hearing these songs can make you dance and join the beat of the song.

Lito Camo is the most famous composer of novelty songs.
Famous Novelty Artists are Willie Revillame, Joey De Leon, Vhong Navarro, etc...

Nobody but You

KPOP Invasion

As well all know, Korean songs hit the Philippines especially this year. We've been hearing songs like, Nobody by Wonder Girls, Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, Fire by 2NE1, etc...

Even the adults use these songs as their ringtones. and even inside the lrt, you can hear people playing these songs. They can even dance it so well.

It's like novelty songs that being loved by the mass people. Everyone loves it so much. It is such a hit.

Sunday is Family Day

Family day is one of the greatest give that God had shared to us because, even though we are busy to work and busy in studying, God gave us a chance to spent quality time to our love ones. Until now it was perform by many families not just to have fun but it is the best way and simplest way to thank God in all the blessings he poured to us.

We have a Sunday obligation and that is to attend mass.

Filipino Families usually after the mass, are going to malls and have a bonding. They usually watch movies which suited for the whole family.

Sunday is a Family day. They spend time with each other, and have lunch together. It may seem simple but it brings a blissful feeling.

China Phones (Dual Sim)

CHINA PHONES!! It sounds very familiar among Filipinos


Because, china phone is a phone that sets to have a low price compared to the other brands. It has a great impact to the Filipinos because you can have a phone in a very affordable way. It booms to the Philippines because of unaffordable living conditions of the Filipinos.

Not just that, it is very useful because you can now you one phone with two sim cards. Nowadays, Filipinos have to use different networks for their work. It is very helpful and is easy to use.

Noontime Shows & Teleseryes

Filipinos likes watching television especially noon-time shows. We get entertained by these shows because they are comedic. And these shows were made for us and their purpose is to give us entertainment especially when we are bored. Well these shows help us forget our problems because they always make us laugh. The most important part here is that anyone who watches these shows helps copes up with life's problems. Reason is, it is open in public, and it help us to share our life experiences and they give us comfort.

- Eat Bulaga and Wowowee are the best examples of noontime show here in Philippines that give us a lot of entertainment.

One of the staples in Philippine television is the teleserye.Teleseryes are mainly melodramatic, although there are also elements of action, fantasy, adventure, and even comedy in some.Why watch teleseryes? With all the problems that the country is experiencing, why does everyone indulge in these fictional stories whose twists and turns are predictable anyway? They may not be intellectually stimulating, or even artistically innovative; and yet, they capture the fatalist imagination of the Filipino. Whether or not they can relate to the characters they see on the television, they believe that, as the teleseryes promise, everything will turn out alright in the end.


In all fronts of national life, it’s seems that fiesta seems to be one of the exciting event that happen in each city or barrio. Fiesta is part and parcel of Filipino culture. Through good times and bad times, the fiesta must go on, that’s how important fiesta is, Filipino celebrate it not just for having fun but to show to others how important an event that comes one a year. The Philippine fiesta is a lot more that it seems on the service. It is the tie that binds Filipinos, a time to reunite with your family especially those who are far from you. Proudly to say that even though the other has enough money for their living they spent some quality time and money in order for them to celebrate it and show how thankful they are in experiencing that kind of fiesta. And they’re here to stay to keep Filipinos reaching out to the future as they stake out in the present while reminiscing the past.

Life is Music


Filipinos love karaoke. Not only because it breaks the ice and entertain all family members, but because, Filipinos love music ever since. In our culture, we have folk songs, the “Bahay Kubo”, “Leron Leron Sinta”, etc. that we already knew since birth. And as we grow up, we were accustomed having this passion for music. In Filipinos’ belief, without music, life would be really dull and boring.

This is the new trend.

Helping Each Other Out

According to Filipino Psychology,

Core value or Kapwa

Kapwa, meaning 'togetherness', is the core construct of Filipino Psychology. Kapwa has two categories, Ibang Tao (other people) and Hindi Ibang Tao (not other people).

Along with this psychology are:

Pakikitungo: civility

Pakikisalamuha: act of mixing

Pakikilahok: act of joining

Pakikibagay: conformity

Pakikisama: being united with the group.

Hindi Ibang Tao ("one-of-us")Taong Bahay: There are three domains in this construct:

Pakikipagpalagayang-loob: act of mutual trust

Pakikisangkot: act of joining others

Pakikipagkaisa: being one with others

Pakiramdam: Shared inner perceptions. Filipinos use damdam, or the inner perception of others' emotions, as a basic tool to guide his dealings with other people.

Kagandahang-Loob: Shared humanity. This refers to being able to help other people in dire need due to a perception of being together as a part of one Filipino humanity.

After the Ondoy flooding, everybody was affected, the rich and the poor, the youth and the old, etc. Though each has a problem of their own, every Filipino family didn’t forget to give a helping hand to their fellows. Everyone showed concern and willingness to help to those who are in need. The Philippines rose together after the disaster with “utang na loob.”

Swine Flu (AH1N1)

During the Swine Flu breakout in our country, you can see everyone’s awareness about the spreading virus. You can see how everyone complies with the precautionary measures just to get away of the disease. Mothers buy their sons and daughters masks and give them shots just to make sure that their love ones will be safe and away from the virus. In this event, you can see how every family member care for the others. During that breakout, there are always reminders from the elders, relatives that totally show their concern for their folks.


“Ang salu-salo ay oras ng kamustahan, kwentuhan at tawanan.”

Filipinos are family oriented.

Close family ties is a unique nature in the typical Filipino family. These ties can totally maintain the values and closeness of each member of the family that’s why the traditional “salu-salo” is very important to a clan. In Filipinos’ belief, a family is where’d you run to in times of hardships, they are the ones who will rely for support, love and refuge.

During “salu-salos”, it is a time where each member of the family shares what happened to them the past year, months, weeks or days. It is a time wherein family members open up their problems or on the other hand, they share good news.

Keep Smiling

Despite of all the problems that every Filipino family is face with, still, Filipino families are considered one of the happiest families on earth. It is because Filipino families have “fighting spirit” that was hardened after of all the years of never-ending hardships experienced by each family. Later on, Filipino families learned to laugh it off and just take it all in a stride with our optimism in every day. Other factors that helped us to smile with these hardships are:

Being religious. We cling to God.

Filipinos are content with life’s simple pleasures.

“Kumain lang ng tatlong beses isang araw, masaya na.”

We have great social skills

It’s our nature to be happy. By nature, Filipinos are friendly, cheerful and hospitable. We mostly see the positive side of things, even during bad times. Also, we have huge tolerance for suffering.

We live life to the fullest.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Family Reunion

A family reunion is an occasion when members of an extended family get together. It is a way for us to share and bring to life tales of our grandparents and their accomplishments. It is so nice to see once in a while your relatives again.

I believe that family reunion is necessary. Because of this, we may talk about the misunderstandings of the past and bring back all the happy memories and feel the bliss of having your family and relatives altogether.

Especially this Christmas, it is nice to have small salo-salo with your family. You all will be sharing stories and reminiscing the past. It will surely make everyone happy.

Social Networking Sites

Here are some sites that we commonly use: Multiply, Facebook, Friendster, Tumblr, Twitter, Myspace, Blogspot, Youtube, etc.

This year has been a successful one for Facebook. It became so hit that it's like a rocket that suddenly, so many people are using it. Like, We, in our family, all of us have an account on Facebook and so as our relatives in other countries. And through these sites, it became so easy to communicate with them. It sure did some help in building our relationship with our relatives again.

Youtube is also a help because we can view or add a video there so our relatives can see it. It feels like you are there when watching a video of your family having a party.

Multiply is a site where you can post pictures for them to see. You can also share what you feel or it can be a journal where you can update them with what's happening in your daily life.


Cameras capture each and every moment we have with the people who are very important to us. Pictures tell stories of us. It is an valuable treasure that keeps our memories fresh.

Almost, Every Filipino Family has a camera with them, especially when they are going out. They won't forget to bring it to capture memories and let these memories be forever. It is very valuable that Filipinos really treasure because it is a way for us to not forget certain things or events.

We would include this in our time capsule because I think if they will see family pictures, they will surely know that we are Filipinos. It became one of our trademarks, that we have so many pictures no matter where we are. We don't care what others think, we just care about having photos of this and that.


There's nothing more relaxing than enjoying traditional Filipino "healing" massage. The soothing touch of this massage relaxes and heals tired muscles.

It is in our human nature that we're always tired from work. We want some rest and sometimes because of that we don't have time anymore to bond with our families. Spa is one way to release stress from work or school. It is also a way to have our bodies and minds relaxed. You can have fun while having some rest and not just that, you are also having a good quality time with your family.

Filipinos are busy people. They always have something to do that sometimes they have no energy to spend some time with their families. So, they thought about spa as a way to relax and to have some quality time with them.